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Feb 20, 2012
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London, UK
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Hi everybody,

I want to buy a wide-format printer for my friends' wedding gift. They are photographers, but unfortunately I don't understand a thing in photography let alone printing. So, I need your advice on choosing a quality printer. Now I'm considering HP Designjet Z6200, but need more ideas.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Do they want the 42" or the 60"? Personally, I would go for the Canon 12-ink printers, the iPF8300 or iPF9100, or the Epson 9900 if 44" is OK. It's a very difficult choice, however, and it would depend on exactly what they want to use it for. To be honest, I'd prefer to choose the printer myself rather than have someone else choose it for me even if they are going to give it to me as a gift. Can't you get them to drop any hints to you or a friend without it being too obvious, if you can't ask them outright? Even though it is what most of us would consider an extremely generous gift, it is a major item and the choice of it is quite important.
Camera store's gift certificate.
Thank you very much for replies! Buying certificate is really a great idea, because I want it to be a surprise and the choice is too difficult for me :)
You are obviously a very generous guy, and a gift certificate to the value of a Z6200 (about ÂŁ5000 to ÂŁ10,000 depending on the model) is sure to be appreciated by both the happy couple and the store you get it from.
Wow, I should have invited you to my wedding! You're a heck of a friend! Good thought about the gift certificate - that's a hard type of gift to buy and get exactly what they want.

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