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Sep 24, 2010
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Hey everyone,
I just need to hear some opinions on this picture...I just started editing pictures & I'd love to do photography for a living in the near future just trying to learn the basics & get the photoshop down, there's alot to learn! Thanks.
Welcome to the forum.

Selective color is a touchy subject. People who have never done it before, or haven't seen it very it.
The rest of us, who have seen it over and over again...are sick & tired of least when it's not used effectively.

The idea is to use selective coloring to control where the viewer looks. If you have distracting elements in your photo, you might be able to remove their color to make them less noticeable. You can color something to draw the viewer's eye to where you want it.

In this case, I don't think it's necessary because the eyes are already front & centre...they didn't need any thing extra to make them stand out.
Aside from selective color, the image appears dark to me. Maybe check your levels and lighten it up.

Just a tip, but when creating a black and white image normally shoot so that their is a little true black, and a little true white. Think of a bell curve of black and white. Of course the bell can move from one side or the other. Anyway, hope that helps.
Give us a little more information on your gear and setup- it will help us guide you in a better direction.

AAAAAAA! floating baby heads with laser eyes! :lol:

kidding of course.

like mike said...selective coloring...ehhhhhh, im one of the strongly opposed, but i have surrendered to "if ya like it, go for it".
i also agree that the photo is dark, and it would be great to see dedtail in the lower half of the picture, i.e. what the babies head is attached to.
personally, i would focus on fundamentals, lighting, and composition before (or in addition to) the whole editing thing. :D

welcome to the forums.
advice i gave earlier to a new member...
read read shoot shoot shoot read shoot.
soak it all up, and have fun!
I use a Nikon D60 with the 18-55 lense, I'm just starting & looking for advice...I know I need some extra lense's but I'm not sure what to get I've read & read..I just kinda want to know what everyone else is using & so on..Thanks for any tips!
I know I need some extra lense's but I'm not sure what to get

What makes you "know" this? I would get a better grasp on the basics, then your next gear purchase will be obvious (i.e. speedlight, not lens)

Joining a local photography group or class is always my first recommendation. You will learn faster and better than reading "how-2's" on the internet.

stick with it.


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