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Jan 27, 2008
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Bemidji, Minnesota, USA
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Here are some photos I've taken and then screwed around with inside Photoshop. I like these ones just because, well, I always like the photos I keep. Out of the thousand or so I take a week, every now and again, there is something fun to play around with.

An Advertless Advert
(Photos taken by AgentDrex and then imported into Photoshop for some fun. This was about 15 minutes of work, minus the time to take the photos.)


Together Forever
(Photos by AgentDrex and his two friends Ziven and Harmonik whom are a couple. Again, Photoshop was used to make them a single image I had warned them I would do.)
No worries, I always find it amusing when people stick to their monikers like that. Now if your friends and family call you that, maybe it's gone a bit too far.
Dont like either one. Looks like you've taken 2 bad pictures and put them into photoshop and did tons of effects on them.
They are horrible pictures that I put through Photoshop and made them even worse (if thats possible). Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated. Now I know why I don't get comments often, its a lack of good photography on my part, and I apologize. I will get better with more practice, I promise.

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