Agreed to try a volunteer project for a non-profit, need help with ideas


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Sep 11, 2010
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Ok, so I agreed to try a volunteer photography project for a non-profit organization. They had a very specific idea of what they were looking for, but needed a photographer willing to volunteer some time. I agreed to give it a go, but said I couldn't guarantee what the final outcome would be.

What they want is a quote, spelled out with photos. Basically each letter will be a black and white photo, of an object shaped like that letter. I think it will turn out pretty cool if done right.

The quote is, "The only disability in life is a bad attitude" -Scott Hamilton

I need advice, and ideas for objects shaped like the letters.

the toughest letters are going to be y, f,e,and d I think.

Any comments, or advice would be greatly appreciated!!
Glad to see someone giving back :)

Should be able to find y's in tree branches. We have old school type street lamps with signs that kind look like f's here.
sounds great! i cant think of anything off the top of my head but Ill keep an eye out today on my way to, from and around work. good luck.
I think it's very cool that you're doing some volunteer work... I will keep my eyes open for some letters!
Man, that's going to be though one. I'll keep my eyes open.
... just arrange smaller objects into the letters you need. Otherwise you may have trouble finding things shaped like an 'e', for example.
Yeah, just talked to them again. They said I can spell a whole word out using skittles or something if I want, and it can be in color, B&W, or a mix of both. They basically just want a super creative, photographic way to spell out that quote.

So that being said, anyone got any wicked cool ideas for this??

I've got a few, but I know how talented some of you TPF members are, and would love your take on this!!
That is awesome!! Thanks man!!

Now I could just cheat and buy all the prints from them and throw it together. That wouldn't be any fun though, now would it? haha

I might use it to fill in letters I can't find though

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