Thanks! Sure, my name changes color and grabs attention but I hit 7000 posts and nobody notices :lmao:
Congrats on both! I'd noticed the promotion yesterday (I swear it! Ask Chase!) but I didn't notice the 7K. No one noticed my 11K! LOL No one WOULD have noticed most of mine if I didn't squawk about it! :p
woohoo Congrats!!
two thumbs up from me :thumbup: :thumbup: congrats
for the promotion and

for the 7000+ posts!!!

And a :hug:: for you! :D
yayyyyee Alison :cheers:
a :hug: for being admin
and a double :hug: :hug: for the 7k!
rock on :D
Rob said:
Congrats on both!!! So now you are omnipotent and can't be banned huh??! :)


:lol: That's right :sexywink:

Thanks everyone. TPF has been a great part of my life :)
*plotting new approach to gaining control of TPF*

So, anyone know if Chase is single?

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