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Oct 8, 2007
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Vancouver BC
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C&C appreciated...thanks


#2...I WON!


#4...another pic of the cig...
I personally like the first one just how sharp the image is u can just see all the texture in the cards
i agree with Nurf, i think the 1st one is the best, i like the angle and the dof
I like the 1st one. Like Ian said, nice DOF.

I also really like the 3rd one. I love railroad tracks and it's nice to see them portrayed in a different way than usual (snowy and from above as opposed to the very common ground level shot along the rail)
That cig shot looks a lot better compared to the ones you posted before! Much better contrast and value of light. Good job.
I don't like the third one, it seems a tad TOO bright, but then again my eyes are killing me today so it might just be me. I like the cigerette. Its an interesting shot.

Im not sure I like the cards, but saying that, the quality of the first picture is spot on.

The background and shelf of the cig definitely adds some perspective to it compared to the last ones I saw.

The first one looks cool. Straight out of a poker tourney.
the first one made my heart skip a beat. just like the real thing after seeing rags forever.

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