Always carry a towel


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Sep 3, 2013
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Appleton, WI
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Here we go again. Setup first, though I changed the angle:

2016-02-27_03-54-41 by Michael Long, on Flickr

Now the shot:

Always carry a towel by Michael Long, on Flickr

I HATE the composition of it. Other than that, how is the lighting? I have absolutely no idea how I'm doing here. I don't have softboxes or speedrings or any of that fun stuff, so I'm limited to reflector dishes only or bare bulb. :(
I like it. Take a look through a home-wares magazine or catalog for ideas. I know shirts & sweaters (when not worn) are often stacked showing color options.

I'd like to see a little deeper DoF on the foreground, but since you're experimenting . . .
I'm with snowbear, I like it.
Towely! Is that you?

Wanna get high?

Well, maybe just a little high.

Minicoop1985; That is from Southpark.

As to your towel; "pose" it and light it. No, not the reefer, the towel.
That's the thing, I have NO idea how to pose a towel. :lol:

Surprised nobody gets the reference in the title yet... One little hint: 42.
That's the thing, I have NO idea how to pose a towel. :lol:
What you want to show is the size and luxurious texture, so drape it over a hook or whatever (the thing won't show in the photo) and let it trail down to the table in big soft folds with bunches of it on the table. The light can be either more even, or cut off, so try several of each. Your first shot has some fall-off, but for no apparent reason. If it's going to be dramatic, then a sharper cutoff would be better.
That was my attempt at directing the eye to the folds. I'll see what I can do hook wise. Might just set it up in the bathroom.
I had to have a go myself. ;):)

Shot with natural light as I haven't a clue about how to use spots, I've tried to keep the contrast on the towels soft and contrast it against the higher contrast and acutance of the rack:


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