American Bald Eagle


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Oct 17, 2006
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Bradley, IL
:wink: This photo was taken during our (Clark Kent & I) trip to Alton, IL for the eagle migration. This American Bald Eagle just left a tree and headed toward the Mississippi River to get his dinner (fish, of course) which he spotted a little more than a mile away. He did catch his intended target which either Clark or myself will post separately of the eagle with his catch in his talons. C/C welcome & thanks for looking!

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Wow. How could the sky in the background become THIS blue!?!?! Amazing.
If you used a polariser here, you must actually have had oodles of light as not to get motion blur of his wing feathers!
Thanks for the comment. I did tweek the sky a little, and the sun was out in our 3rd day of this adventure. Also sharpened it a little. The thrilling part of this (for me anyway) is that Clark Kent & I were out in the "wild" taking these photos. It's hard to capture the eagles in flight, they move so fast and it's very difficult to get close to them. But it was fun.
This series is posted in answer to Jim Stafford's comment made under Clark Kent's post "Dinner" a few days ago. He mentioned that the pictures did't look right and didn't know what it was. So I thought I'd post the series I shot of the Bald Eagle taking flight from a tree and flying off to catch lunch. These photos have NOT been edited in any way. I took the one I thought was the best (#4), edited it a little (maybe making the sky a little to blue) and posted. I'm not the world's best photographer so some may not like the work I post. Some shoot eagles in a zoo atmosphere, some in a bird park of some sort and that's ok, I've done that before. But, Clark & I had a chance to shoot eagles in the "wild" and we had fun doing so under difficult circumstances. In the wild, the eagles take off when you get too close as oppsoed to a zoo where they can't fly off anywhere. So, Clark (Brandon) & I hope you enjoy what we post. The last guy in this post (#6) was very cooperative and stood still for the photo. Thanks again and as always, C/C IS welcome.












Hey guys, didn't mean to "ruffle any feathers". You guys do great stuff, looked like a great trip. I'm trying to learn how to get pics in the wild just like you were doing here, also how to process what I get. You guys were working together, I was seeing the same thing in both your work, thought maybe it was something you were both doing in PP. Sorry
Jim, by all means, you didn't "ruffle" my feathers (and I don't think Brandon took offense either). We do sometimes add a "little extra" to photos. For me, this wasn't the case & I just wanted to let others know. I'm still learning and it's a lot of fun taking pictures with my best friend along. We sure have some times on our adventures & road trips. This was my first time shooting out in the open of these magnificent creatures. I appreciate your looking & the comments. Thanks!

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