American bittern (5)


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Jun 6, 2009
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too close to Seattle
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the American bittern is usually a very shy and reclusive bird... this was only the second one i've seen in 8 years! they normally stay out of sight - a lucky birder might get a glimpse of one half-hidden as it moves through the grass and reeds. i spotted this one at a local marsh, and was shocked that it not only came out into the open, but stayed in the open as it worked its way along a shoreline foraging for minnows, completely oblivious to me as i photographed it for nearly an hour from only 40-60 feet away... the last shot is un-cropped, to give you an idea how close i was. it was a cloudy, dull late afternoon, with an occasional drizzle, so the light wasn't at all favorable, but i was able to get some good shots anyway...

Very cool

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Very nice tough bird to see
Very nice set! I've never even seen one.

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