American Truck Simulator!


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Jan 31, 2015
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Anyone playing it? I'll be honest...I downloaded it. Haha. For a $20 game, the graphics are stunning and for now there is only California and Navada to play in. But they plan on mapping out the whole country I think. It was fun for a while, then I got bored because I don't like waiting in traffic in real life, why would I want to wait in traffic in a virtual world?! Thought cops were strict in real life? Not until you play this game. Nothing like getting a virtual speeding ticket for $1400 for doing 31mph in a 30mph zone. Hahahaha. Hence, why they call the game "Simulator" because it is exactly that.

Nonetheless, I found it quite interesting because they implemented a lot of real life landmarks into the game like, Lombard Street in San Francisco (no you can't drive on it). No golden gate bridge unfortunately. There are plenty other landmarks that I can't think of right now.

I was playing the game somewhere in Nevada and I swear I saw a UFO go by..checked out the map and It was in a accurate place where Area-51 is in real life. Hahaha. Thought that was a nice touch.

It's worth buying it if you like these kind of games. But I got quite bored with it...just can't play games like I use to anymore. So many better things to do with my time.

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