An Alley in the City

Fred Berg

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May 17, 2011
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Taken in the old town in Augsburg using Fujifilm (colour) iso 200. I didn't like the colour original because of the problem with the blown out lighting at the back of the picture, but think it works quite well as a B&W. C&C welcome.

Fine work; it would have been better if the three persons were distinctly seperate

Regards :D

Thanks Frequency and agreed, but I had to take the shot as soon as they were in position.
This seems to me that much of the alley walls are a bit dull and flat while the figures are merged together.

If the resolution allows, I would select the figures, copy them onto a separate and try give them more detail by raising the exposure a bit.
At the same time, I would darken the brighter areas and increase the contrast of the walls so they don't have that murky look.

The leading lines are pointing to the people. I think the people need to be sharper.
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Besides the people, the composition is great, I like the blown out sky in the black and white, you did a good job deciding to convert from color, gives the photo something, more.
Some great feedback.

I think the best I can do is take the advice on board, return to the spot and try to improve on the points raised with a re-shoot.

Smaller aperture to get the people sharp (hopefully someone will come along again); shoot in B&W (possibly, although converting colour film yields good results); try to blow the back out again (not sure I can do it as well on purpose); and perhaps a directed flash on the wall near to me to raise the tone a bit. Lots to think about and try out.

Thanks everyone.
Before you go away, this kind of treatment, emulating tri-x might give an atmosphere you'd like.

Foreground sharpened a lot with high radius to give local contrast.
brighter buildings toned down.
vignette and grain added.


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