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Sep 21, 2005
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Toronto, Canada
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Caught this shot this evening. I like it, but not sure if it's too busy & too blurry. Comments appreciated

One ****ed off goose!!

Nice capture! Shame about the foreground poles(?) though… If the image were sharper, I would consider cropping out the left side of the image, just to the right of the centermost pole.

Action like this is nearly impossible to achieve. Well done!
Thanks for the input. It's so hard to be in the right place at the right time. This nature photography thing takes so much patience.

Aquacan, the goose was going after another goose. There were about 6 geese in total and every once in a while, a chase would ensue (sp) but it was usually on the water, out of lens range :(
CRAP! I had no idea that birds have tongues!!!!
pretty sweet capture with his beak open like that... i never would have guessed they had a crazy tongue like that either... i agree with depth about the poles... good action shot though :thumbup:
I saw one do that once right before he grabbed my leg. I don't think he was looking for a mate either.

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