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    A year ago, I went to Anime North (Toronto) to take some pictures of the cosplay there after a brief day at the Henry's Photography Show to practices what I've learned. That day, I had a Canon Xti with my 50mm f1.8. Those pictures turned out to be one of my favorite sets of all time.

    A year later, I go back to Anime North trying to reflect on my year in photography. This year's con seems to be bigger than ever. Previous years, if you go on the Sunday, the crowd becomes a lot less. However, the parking on Sunday forced me to park 5-10 mins away from the con. Nonetheless, this place was cosplay galore.

    For all the photo shoots and pictures, check out my blog entry:
    Anime North 2010 Cosplay |

    Here are some of my favorite cosplays pictures from Anime North 2010:


    My Videographer friend recorded some sick footages with his lensbaby and his steadicam suit (I called it him Iron man all weekend):


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