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Aug 1, 2006
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This Wednesday, the crescent moon will occult (cover) the planet Venus for a period of about 1 hour. The event takes place around 12:20 GMT and finished around 13:15 GMT.

However, it will not be visible from all parts of the world (due to parallax issues and when the two are above the horizon), and for almost all of us, it will take place after the sun has risen. It will be visible from most of Greenland, the western US and Canada, and northern Mexico. The start and end times will vary slightly depending upon where you are.

Even though this will occur for most AFTER the sun has risen, it is still relatively easy to observe/photograph the event because of how bright both the moon and Venus are. The moon will "overtake" Venus in the sky, meaning that the lit limb of the moon will cover Venus and Venus will emerge from behind the night portion of the moon about an hour later.

You will likely need to use at least a 300mm lens to photograph the event, though 500+ is recommended.

If you would like to know if it will be visible from your location (and you're around the areas I mentioned above), post your latitude and longitude (or city if you don't know lat/long) and I can look it up as well as give the local times for the event if it happens for you.

I'm hoping to photograph it here through a ~4000mm-equivalent telescope, but the clouds look iffy (40% cloudy is forecast at the moment, but that's changed from the 49% predicted as of yesterday).
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I'll be working...

If I had any vacation time left (can't wait till June! :)), I'd call in.

Hope to see your shots though (if the clouds give you a break).
I too will be working but I can get out to try pending time and weather. Although weather forcast is looking to be a snuffer I would like to know the best time to get this from Salamanca NY 14779.

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