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Jan 27, 2012
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So Ive been saving my pennies, researching and asking questions and Im ready to buy my first DSRL. Im leaning toward a Pentax K-7. Im going Pentax for the weather resistance as ill be outdoors and exposing it to saltwater. The K -7 is going down in cost as the k -5 replaces it.

The question is what lenses should I be looking for Pentax or third party. Im into wild life and outdoor, photography. I do alot of hiking, sailing, boating and travailing as well as siting in my tree stand and in ground blinds.

Thanks in advance
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I don't use a pentax but looking at various reviews and at the camera specs it looks like a decent camera for the price. The blurbs mention 2 weather sealed kit zoom lenses which might be a good choice for you. If I'm not mistaken that camera would also accept other pentax mount lenses. Pentax has been making lenses for a long time, there should be a healthy selection of older second hand lenses available.

Good luck finding the camera that is right for you.

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