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Nov 21, 2007
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I've read many of the other threads about setting up the CLS but I have one quick question. I have a D80 and I want to use my SB600 off camera but I don't want to use an on-camera flash to command the SB600. What are my options so that only the off-camera flash (SB600) fires? Thanks.
Don't use the built in wireless, use external triggers.
Don't use the built in wireless, use external triggers.

depends, I've never had any communication problems with CLS, than again, I try to always keep my SB-600 in direct line-of-sight with my D70.
Hrmm, I read that totally wrong, I thought he was saying that he didn't want the on-camera flash to fire... (i.e. the pop up flash). I was thinking he meant that he didn't want it pre-flashing like the iTTL does to determine exposure, I have no idea why that popped into my head.

You certainly can use the SB600 with the built in camera commander just fine, I do it all the time and have not had problems...
could you clarify for me how external triggers work.
Sure, you plug one into your hot shoe, put one on your flash, and you shoot the picture.

However, you do have to use manual exposure when you use them, instead of just relying on your camera meter as you would using the Nikon wireless.
to clarify, I don't want the on-camera (pop-flash) to fire. I'm using the SB600 off-camera and I want that to be the only one that goes off. Thanks
pocket wizards, IR triggers, a pc cord, or an off camera hotshoe cord will all work..
pocket wizards, IR triggers, a pc cord, or an off camera hotshoe cord will all work..

yep, but those cost money for the same results and no TTL metering.

I do location portraits with CLS and i've never had anyone blink from the commander flashes off my D70.

You can buy an SU-800 which keeps all that and doesn't use visible light to command units, but again it costs money as opposed to a system that's free with the strobe and works 100% of the time within it's very reasonable limits.
thanks everyone for taking the time to post.
Sw1tchFX - I'm not too worried about people blinking from the command flash. If you look at sabbath999's profile picture... thats what i kind of want to do with some of my subjects and objects. In that picture if the on-camera flash would have fired I think it would have lit up his whole face. I want to try just having the light coming from one direction (ie. sides & underneath). thank you again everyone.
In the Commander menu, if you set the Built-In mode to (--), it will only send a pre-flash signal to fire the SB-600 and will not contribute to lighting the scene.
kundalini - that was too thank you very much

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