Another thumbs up for Fuji

Dave Maciak

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Jul 9, 2020
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Living on a golf course I often in the early morning go for a sunrise and mountain shot. A few weeks ago I had an exciting experience on the course.
Generally I stay on the cart paths but that day moved out a bit onto a fairway. Just getting set up and the sprinklers came on! Soaked! My XT 2
also soaked as well as the 18-55 that was mounted. No Damage--what so ever! When they say water and moisture proof they are not kidding.
Had the camera checked at a repair shop--all normal. The lens seems to be OK as well although it was not sent for inspection. But I can tell you
this "everything works just fine, results the same good quality as always."
The grip had moisture in the battery chamber. I dried it and will clean any corrosion, hopefully it will be OK as well.
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I live on one as well. I always carry a plastic nikon bag with me when I go out in the early mornings.


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