... another try at astrophotography.


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Dec 4, 2008
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Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
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So ... I was on a vacation with my wife to the western side of the Bruce Peninsula ... the sun had set so it was rest time. I was reading Simon Singh's book, The Big Bang ... I have read this book numerous times ... when it suddenly occured to me to try to take pictures of our Universe.
There have been a number of posts on the Forum about this subject, but I have not paid that much attention to them (I should have) ... so just take this image as a newbie astronomy photo.

I kinda like the fact that the tree appears on the right to spread out to the our Milky Way ... though not the greatest image. I give much credit to those that have researched this and also made more effort than my impulse shot.

16mm ... f/2.8 @ 30s ... auto ISO hit 800
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I'd be happy with that.
... and the tree was just chance, I was literally shooting blind in the dark.
Nice shot. Next time take a flash light and do some light painting/light up that tree.
Be careful you might get hooked. I've tried a few times and have come up with some decent shots and some awful ones. That, to me, looks like a good first try.
Back in the 80's I made a decision to buy a camera over a telescope ... hmm.
Nice first effort! My first milky way photo is pathetic in comparison. If you decide you want to get more into this type of shot, definitely check out lonelyspeck website for a great overview and a lot of tips. Happy to answer any questions about this subject. I’ve gotten into it pretty deep over the past 2 years.
I fear getting deeper into this space.
It saved my sanity during the height of the pandemic. Nothing safer than standing 10 ft apart in the dark in the middle of nowhere staring at the stars and chatting with friends.

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