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Jul 18, 2010
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I live in Idaho
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OK, not really. Everyone seems to have strong opinions about there camera system Canon or Nikon but lets not forget the the real champ of great photography is light. So I thought I would see what everyone uses and what accessories they consider the most important. Should be fun as there are tons.

I use 2 Bowens Espirit 500 Monolights right now and love them! Hope to get a Travel-Pak for them soon. Favorite add on my Interfit Beauty dish. The reason I went with them over another brand was simply they had a great review in a Photo magazine I read alot and didn't know much about them at the time. I really still don't lol but have gotten a lot better with em.
It's another religious war that's been fought many-many times on these forums.
The sun is by far the most important. Without sun life on earth would die regardless if you own a flash or not ;)
True, but hard to take it with you.
To InTempus: Unlike say Canon vs Nikon? Yeah your right thats never been done before
I use Canon speedlights for most on location stuff. I need to get a battery and an einstein to complete my cheap bee kit until I have a zallion dollars for something better.

But for now, I make due with the speedlights. Why expensive Canon speedlights over cheap manual flashes? Reliability & adjustability I guess. The adjust in 1/3 stops where most cheaper speed lights don't. And the only time I have to worry about them not firing is either when the batteries are dead/dying or the stupid pc cord on the 580EX II is trucked up again.

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