Antietam battlefield


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Dec 1, 2015
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I spent a little more time on post. Visited the battlefield today and it was freezing!

I tried not getting extreme with the tone mapping.

Wasn't sure if the tree looked better in color or not

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First, thanks for sharing. Antietam is an amazing battlefield. The two ideal times to visit are: early September (when the corn in The Cornfield is mature) and the December date (this year it was the 5th) when they put out luminaries for each casualty in the battle (over 23,000). As you probably discovered, it's a very "walkable" battlefield. When you go back the next time, check out the Burnside Bridge (makes a great photograph), and the Bloody Lane (lots of good possibilities). And grab lunch at the Old Bavarian Inn (which is 15 minutes away)...great food, great view, great venue.
I went to the bridge and for some reason they were doing work to it so I was disappointed. I drove mostly with the winds today being cut throat ice cold. First time I've been. I wish the weather was warmer for me to explore. I saw the bloody lane!

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I find the 2 monochrome images at higher level. Good work, fascinating subjects.
Really like #1.
Take my newb advice for what it's worth...wondered if backing up just a hare, and giving the cannon a little more room on the right? The wheel looks dead center and wonder if a little angle might be better?
The halos in the tree are too obvious though on color photos.

For those who might not be history buffs...I believe Antitiem was the bloodiest 1 day battle of the Civil War.
Gettysburg was the bloodiest 3 day battle. ( I believe)

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