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Jun 15, 2013
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Hi all, I took some photographs of my friends dogs for her today. As much as I love this photograph has anyone got any tips for editing it to make it look better?? or what I can do next time to get a better shot?? (The dog was in full frame but came closer just as I took it to have a good old look at my camera, but it shows off his personality well!)


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forgot to mention that I am using the photoshop trial, but do have access to my friends photoshop program too x
It looks like he did move in a little too close! I might have tried to shoot it horizontally instead, I've been a photographer long enough it's second nature to flip the camera from a horizontal to vertical perspective quickly (or vice versa) which I think takes practice.

I don't know if cropping the top a little would help make him seem not so cut off or not. Otherwise it looks a little dark like maybe the exposure was somewhat off but maybe you could lighten or brighten it a little. It did get a great expression that shows the personality.
brilliant, thanks for the advise Sharon! will keep practicing adjusting the camera angle quicker too if this happens again I might be better prepared! Will have a go at cropping and adjusting the brightness a little to see if that helps. Thanks again
Susan x
Here's some help:


Your original on the left -- I inset the histogram which you can see falls very short of the right corner (white). The thin line reaching forward to the corner is your text overlay. The image looks dark and dull fro this reason and you want that histogram (tone response of the photo) to get much closer to the right corner -- illustration on right. In Photoshop you do this in Levels.

Brilliant Joe, thank you will go and have another play! Loving my new hobby and this forum has helped greatly in 2 days!! keep the advise coming and I will keep learning ;)
Duplicate layer and adjust with levels . Apply layermask and brush away the background. Go to Background layer and with levels, darken the image. flatten.

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