Any good books ?


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Dec 24, 2005
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once in a while I like to take on a good book or 2. Lately ive gone through almost all of the dean koontz arsenal. I love his books, they are very hard to put down, any other authors that grab your attention and describe things so vividly as him that anyone can recommend ?

I guess something I really really like about his books are the familliar undertones of conspiracy theory (which I love )
I love movies like the matrix, or bourne identity, equilibrium for this same reason.
Everyone knows the story, few have actually read it... Moby-Dick by Herman Melville. One of the greatest ever written. It's a hefty read though
steve berry, have you read him? he does conspiracy theory novels. over the summer i read the romanov prophecy and enjoyed it.

have you read matt reilly or nelson demille? page turner authors
james patterson

richard north patterson

mary higgens clark

go on amazon and get some ideas
Have you read the Bourne trilogy?
They are supposed to be some great books. If you like the movies, you may as well go for the books. They are different than the movies.
Ludlum is a great author (Bourne trilogy) I've read all his stuff, don't limit yourself to just the Bourne books. That'll keep you busy for awhile!

Jonathan Kellerman writes great mystery (His Alex Delaware books rock)
Dean Koontz - Odd Thomas.

Read that book.

(and Lightning, also by Koontz)
Tom Clancy - but only the older stuff. Cardinal of the Kremlin was a great spy novel about the cold war. Skip any Op-Center series though, the intrigue and deception just didn't seem as captivating as it did with the Jack Ryan series.

If you like murder mysteries - Linda Fairstein is fantastic.
I was going to mention Dean Koontz just by reading the thread title. I'm currently reading Ken Follett's Whiteout, very good author.
Espionage seems to be a pretty popular topic. I read 'Spy' by David Wise a month or two ago. It was very good. It's about Robert Hanssen (FBI agent spying for the Soviet Union for twenty-something years). If you like reading about spies it's definitely worth checking out.
thanks for all the great authors to check out !!!

I have a bunch of guys to look at now.

BTW - I do have the bourne books and they are fantastic, but long reads.

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