any how to guides for strobscopic, delay and etc? (ELC elinchrom)


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Jun 26, 2014
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So couple years ago I purchased that best lights I could. and right after I kicked myself for doing so. because I never thought I would use them to their full potential......... well I am now wanting to learn it. the lights I purchased were the ELC 500

I understand how to use the strobes for stroboscopic. but I'm unsure if it is doing what I want it to do. for instance my subject is frozen in 5 sequences. (5HZ, duration 1 sec). and it works but the subject can be seen thru (like semi translucent). I know there has to be ways to make the subject more solid. I use a black back ground. but maybe the subject is to close or to far away. maybe the brightness of each pop needs to increase or decrease.... but I have no idea. and there doesn't seem to be any good videos out there. nor does anyone in the georgia area know how to. (and yes, I will pay for someone to teach me).

on Delay, I have no idea on how to get it to work. and I want to learn it.

and of course anything else these puppies can do. so any ideas of videos to buy? places that teach you in georgia?


yeah I saw that one. but it's not exactly what setting you need to be on. or if you need to bring the subject closer or further away.

I see it says strobe/frequency. but I need to know how to set the settings inside of that. and also how I can combine the two.

thank you fro responding.

this is about the best I could find....... but I am just looking for a further bit more detail and explaing. like when he puts strobe with delay. I don't get how he did it. nor do I get how to use delay at all on this ELC. I get on my SB-800 how to get a delay so to say; setting modeling light off to the side, have them walk out, and then pop a flash off at the end. but does the ELC do that in delay where it throws out the model light, or do I have to turn one light to model light and then the other light to delay? there is ms in two places; how do I turn the other one?

bunch of questions. LOL. sorry. I'm just wanting to know how to do this and become better.

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