Any idea what this critter is????????

I X L R 8

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Jul 28, 2010
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Yes this was another test.
You see , I'm trying to learn how to use this camera.
And well, I was going to format the SD card, and happened to enlarge this to full size when I spotted this bug.
I have no idea what it is. Never have seen one.
Yes this is like a 3x3 crop.

My first advice is to never ever ever delete or format the card until your shots are off the camera and in the computer - the LCD has a magic to it that makes it hard to tell good from bad shots. You can review the histogram and overall composition on the LCD to good effect, but otherwise make the final judgement in the computer not the camera.

As for the bug its very hard to tell from such a shot - I would guess that it looks like some type of shield bug from the shape of its shell.

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