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Any reason not to get the YN-565EX Speedlite


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Jan 12, 2012
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I am a beginner looking for my first speed-lite for use with a Nikon D80. Based on a $200(or wait and save more money) budget I was looking a the YN565EX or trying to track down a used or refurb SB600.

I really like the fact that it has i-ttl. However, I also realize that things l-TTL can easily become a crutch and limit how far I can go if I put my faith in the camera brain and not my own but for a starting point I think having i-ttl could be helpful on days when I dont want to experiment or when my wife picks up the camera.

Only downsides I can see are
*YN - Seems to be some sellers that have them in US but most are coming right from china - so longer wait time
*This would make for a harder warranty replacement if needed but comparing to a used SB600 this is most likely mute.

I read a few reviews including the extensive one here - Yongnuo YN-565 EX Flash Review | Speedlights.net and while I saw a few things that were over my head I didnt see anything that should disqualify this as a good starter flash for me. Am I missing anything, should i be considering a different speedlite besides these two?

Are there any sellers affiliated with this forum that could be recommend rather then ebaying it?
I've not used any of the Yongnuo products myself, but many here have, and they seem well regarded, especially for their price point. If you can't find a used SB600, than I think that would be a good option. Don't think of TTL as a 'crutch' but rather one more tool you have available to you. Like every other tool, there are times when it's appropriate to use, and times when it isn't.
how does this compare to sb-600.. the sb-600 come up pretty regularly on craigslist in my area for about 160-180 used.
If you buy from the creators own ebay store you have a year of warranty.

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