Anyone making any $$$ at this?


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Jul 5, 2003
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Kalispell, MT.
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First of I hate my job and have been looking for a change for some time, I always was into photography, so my roomate asked me to take some pics of her. Then in March she paid someone to take some more of her, everyone told her I took much better pics of her then the ones she paid for so that got me thinking, maybe I can make some $$ at this. So I got some books and looked into going to the Rocky Mountion School of Photography, which is in the town I live in. ahh This will be a big change from what I am doing now, but I think I would like it better then sales if I could make any $ at it!!
well, i do real estate shots part-time (people selling or renting their apartments) ... i do decently ... but im just starting out .. i plan to expand over the next few months ...

i think it depends on what type of work u do and your location ...
If you have an eye for it, and it sounds like you do based on the info in your post, I say go for it!

I don't have any info on the RM school of photog. My wife did go to the Rocky Mountain college of art and design but that is in Denver.

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