Anyone with advice for gallery display?


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Nov 2, 2008
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So, I go to the local public art gallery today (very small). I live in a small town and didn’t even realize there was an art gallery until I was googling a few days ago. I browsed around and found a few interesting pieces but none of the photography was exceptionally interesting. There are a couple pieces I liked and a few other art pieces as well. I noticed there was a local artist exhibit coming up so I asked the lady at the desk when it was and she asked me if I wanted to put some work in it. I’m pretty much a noob with a small portfolio but I like pretty much all of my work better than most all of the photography that was there…and yes I realize I’m biased to my own work. Anyhow, I said sure and she gave me a form to fill out and drop off with my work to be displayed. Then the lady asked me if I wanted to put a couple pieces in the gallery and never had to show her a single photo for the exhibit or for the gallery. They encourage pieces for sale and charge 25% commission and they like for people to rotate their work out every month or so. Since its photography and I can print off more there isn’t any reason not to throw a price on there. Since they encourage rotating pieces this will give me motivation to get some good pictures taken on a regular basis. I’ve decided I’m going to put a gallery wrap in the exhibit and one framed photo. I’ve read before that framed pieces in a gallery are typically a black frame and a wide white mat. Other than that, I don’t know jack about displaying my work. Anyone got any advice?

Two days ago if someone approached me and ask me to put work in a gallery I would have thought they were crazy, but after visiting the gallery I’m pretty excited about it.

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