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    New Official "HOLGA" Announcement from API
    API News March 31, 2008

    It was announced today that the "Full of Himself" photographer Benjamin Kanarek has decided to quit using digital cameras' and Pentax specifically to embrace the new line of "HOLGA" products. "HOLGA" have given Mr. Kanarek their new 6x6 prototype called the "U GOT BLLS 6x6" that can actually shoot at night with their new built in "flash unit", a technological marvel that others can only dream about. Holga will introduce this new camera this summer. "HOLGA" are using a new three element design hyper-polycarbonate all plastic lens that can resolve up to 347 horizontal lines per mm. Mr.Kanarek says.."this will change how we see photography today and in the future. People using glasses or contact lenses will no longer need to use these visual aids, as the final outcome will be similar to those who might be considered clinically blind..."

    We expect to see this amazing device at most 7-11 Stores as well as "Radioshack" come June 21st, 2008. Announced price should be around $29.00 including a Fast Fixed Focus 38mm f11.0 Lens....

    "HOLGA" are also planning to give a $19.00 rebate to the first million customers. This will be on a first come first serve basis.

    We are waiting with baited breath!!


  2. ... and I thought that announcement was going to come a day later.

    Any word on whether a LensBaby can be mounted on the new Holgas?

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