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Dec 2, 2011
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Toledo, Ohio
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so i was out in the shop printing some shirts.

finished up for the night. came in hungry.

i wanted to watch my ncis recordings from tonight, and get on the board..

just wanted to sit and relax. no desire to cook.

big ol box of apple jacks in the kitchen... hmmmmm

so, here i sit, at 2:30 in the morning. on TPF, watching ncis, and eating my third bowl of applejacks..

i'm sure my doctor will be thrilled to hear about it..

but daaaaaaaang these thingsare good. i forgot how amazing cold cereal could be!!!

the only thing that could be better right now..... Golden Grahams in chocolate milk... mmmmmmm
Cap' n Crunch dude, Cap' n Crunch....


i like the TASTE of cap'n crunch..... BUT, i'm a slow eater.... so, five bites in, it's all mushy and makes me gag.

whenever i eat it (though i prefer it with crunch berries) i have to have the box next to the bowl. i only pour in 5 bites at a time to try and eliminate the sog.
Quisp or die.

I wish I could find it on a regular basis.
I like the off brand cereals in bags, like snooters and marshmellow mateys!
I'm a Honey Bunches of Oats kinda guy myself. In fact I'm having a bowl right now. Of course, I have to have a couple cups of coffee, a few smokes and a dump first, then breakfast.
Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Golden Grahams but you cant be a slow eater because they turn to mushy **** too.

do you like them with white or chocolate milk ?

chocolate milk + golden grahams = probably what god himself would eat for breakfast.

i hear angels singing with every bite.
Boring.. but good old frosted mini wheats! :) Whole milk only.. and half and half even better!
Dude!!!!!!!!! + 1,000,000 on the half and half on cereal!

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