approaching model material (the unknowing average person)

Feb 2, 2009
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Phoenix, AZ
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How do you guys respond when you see photogenic people out in public? There are times where I am tempted to ask certain individuals to model for me but I'm always concerned about coming across weird. And sometimes I don't necessarily want them as models but to encourage them to become clients (just because they would make awesome additions to my portfolio). These people aren't necessarily models in the traditional since, just people I simply gravitate to there anyone else here that at least gets this feeling, and how do you handle it?
I know what you are talking about... I've kinda thought the same thing but have never acted on it. So I really don't have much to tell you there.
I've heard this talked about before. I think the best suggestion was to say hello, introduce yourself and just give them a business card. Maybe even a special card specifically for this purpose, offering them a free or discounted shoot etc.

Let them visit your website and see the type & quality of photography that you do...then they may feel comfortable enough to contact you.

You don't want to harass them at the first just want to give a first good impression and then let them make the decision.
I usually whip out the 70-200, and shoot them without knowing, then approach with a card if I want to get them to the studio.......nah, i just shoot weddings, so I never bother.
Mikes way since going full pro, works too over here, cant see people being any different over there, they usually seem flattered. H
Since I shoot a lot of kids/seniors, I will approach the parents with a card if I feel up to it that day, lol. Lately I have been updating my website with fresh faces, and have had the courage (and an excuse) to approach people and offer then a nice discount if they are interested in being part of my profile. I think being a woman, it helps me not look so "creep-ish" lol
Actually, I bet if you got a woman to go with you, and had her approach the woman with a business card, they might not be so intimidated and creeped out. But I have never done this, so I don't know for sure. Good luck
I don't mean to go over to some lady and start drooling over her while staring at her cleavage, introduce yourself, tell him/her what you do and that in your pro opinion they would make an interesting subject, then something on the lines of, "if you're interested, give the studio a call and we'll arrange a sitting", hand them your card and go your merry way. By the way, this job is about communication, not just pressing the shutter release. H
This happened to me about lots yesterday. The first one thought I was some kinda stalker with a camera, but her friend smacked her in the head and said... "don't be like that, stalkers would not go around with thousands of dollars of camera hanging from their neck handing out cards"... lol

Nothing came from that first one, but I got curious and wanted to see what would happen. I have 2 gals 100% booked for portrait sessiosns (TFS) and about 25 people with cards in their purses that are in various stages of "thinking about it". Like anything else, you are going to play the odds and most are not going to be interested. For info purposes, I asked about 50 people yesterday. So far, 2 out of 50 may not sound like a lot, but its not really that bad.

One thing that I do suggest, be middle of the road. Do not gush that she is a beauty that you MUST shoot else you will die... try to act mature and professional. If you are the slightest bit nervous, like dogs, she will feel it (lol), and walk away.

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