Are there any customer respecting photo magazines


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Feb 4, 2011
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I suppose this is a bit of a rant. I really enjoy the monthly photography magazines and have bought quite a few. I used to use all Canon and buy photo plus as all the tips etc were relevant to Canon.

Eventually I ended up with nikon and ended up buying N-Photo for a while until there reviews bugged me.

In there latest (quick browse off shelf) they give the d610 3 stars for image quality and the d750 5 stars for image quality (there is a fullframe round up). While I have no issue with this the d610 recently got a much better result on there previous review. I'd doubt you could say that images from the d610 are only 60% as good as the d750, indeed it's not possible to put a figure on this, but only a few months ago a new crop sensor camera got 5 stars (for image quality) only to drop to 3(for image quality) when it's replacement came out. Everything I read (elsewhere) in every review said they were the same sensor, practically equal quality, and upgrading would benefit one with a camera with added funtionality, but not image quality.

I'd read enough and probably ask questions on TPF to not get caught here with marketing but this magazine is supposedly independent. I think it's a very dishonest approach.

Are there any customer respecting photo magazines?

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