are these properly exposed?


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Jun 19, 2010
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I have been reading Understanding exposure and working on properly exposing things.

In the first pic I was working on metering off of a subject to get it properly exposed. Here I metered off of the green leaves on the tree. Is this pic properly exposed? and I just realized I had my ISO WAY too high! i'm going back out to try

f/11, 1/320 ISO 800

This next one I metered off the grass:
f/4.5, 1/250, ISO 800

On the first one, the trees look a little too dark to me. The sky looks good though.

Exposure on the second one looks pretty much perfect.
Ok here is some at iso 200 at correct exposures

This one is at ISO 200 (I actually think 800 looked better 400 would have looked better too) f/8, 1/13


Here is the sky with trees at iso 200, f/8, 1/200. This one looks way better to me

the first dog picture is great. the second one is a bit dark, but i know its tough on dark animals.
Thanks! I thought the same thing...learning correct exposure and metering is easy but takes a bit to get used to. Gotta remember to change iso, aperature, shutter speed and even what type of metering you are using and sometimes white balance. And you gotta do all of that in enough time to take a pic especially of a animal or person, especially kids! But I know the more I practice it will just become as easy as breathing :)
I know what you mean, there is just so much to remember as far as adjusting all the settings & sometimes I'm in such a hurry to get the shot I forget to change something & end up kicking myself when I check it. I also feel so slow when it comes to changing everything, I guess like you said, it all just comes from practicing & getting to know your camera inside out.
........I guess like you said, it all just comes from practicing & getting to know your camera inside out.

You bet.

The quicker you get with your fingers on the back of the camera, the easier you'll find it is to adjust to get the best photo. Watch the meter, tweak the right setting and shoot away! :mrgreen:

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