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That is crazy just how helpless you can be in a situation like that. Puts things into perspective.
I was in Kauai last year when this happened. It was pretty crazy.
Any hotel below the 4th floor was evacuated, I believe. All roads below a certain elevation were closed from like 3am til I think 9am. A small tsunami hit the Hawaiian islands. Kauai didn't have much damage.
We have been sending supplies to Kentucky for over a week now to help with the disaster relief thanks to the tornado that swept through. Not quite as bad as what Japan went through but many have died and many more have lost everything. It really helps put things into perspective and remind us how lucky we are for every day of 'normalcy'
I went in the earthquake and tsunami of Chile the 27 of februare 2010 and it was horrible... Far one of the worsts experiences I've ever had to live.

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