Are you tired of my landscapes yet?

Keep posting shots that look like this and I will personally NEVER get tired of them.

Keep em coming, I like em!
Oh no. I'll never tire of your landscapes. Never. Keep posting them. Such dramatic clouds cannot be boring or tiring!
Oh dear. Chris of Arabia and his enthusiastic praise ... hard for him to keep it under control! :lol:

Am I right, other Chris (that of Arabia)? ;)
Well we don't want him getting ahead of himself now do we? :mrgreen:

...maybe it would look good in B+W :angel:
Excellent Very nice colors ! I can't be because I'm new :)
Thanks guys.
Anti, Sab, and Lafoto... I'm always honored when you comment and enjoy my shots as I respect the shots that you all make...

CoA on the other hand... ;)

Jeny, I understand that English is not your first language, but would you mind explaining what, "I can't be because I'm new" means?

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