Artistic Lens Flare? C&C Please


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Aug 22, 2011
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mid glamorgan, UK
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Hi guys

i was reading an article on DPS about artistic lens flare and I thought i'd give it a go.....


what do you think? any good?
Looks like something I spend money putting something on my camera to get rid of, just to put it back in with $700 software. :D

I dunno, it's not for me. Never liked flares of any kind.
I like sun flare, but generally only in photos that have the sun (or even a portion of it) in the frame.
The sun was on the camera lens even tho you can't see it in the photo. There's a coloured effect on his sleeve. It was my first attempt, just wondering if I'm on the right lines :)
What is the distinction between glare/flare/reflection??????

Keeping that doubt aside, i liked this image; anyhow i did not like the idea of his head and telescpe's head almost touching the frame

regards :D

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