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May 7, 2007
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Got back from my day out taking pics and the last one i found was this.I must have taken it by mistake while packing up my camera things.What i want is someone elses opinion whether this could turn into something or should be deleted and not wasted anymore time on.

Is this a trick question.

Did you mean to do it. If so then it might be art...

If it is an accident then it is could be trash or not... Tell me this... Would you hang it on your wall?

Every keepable image is not ART. Just my opinion. Some keepable shots are just snapshots, a moment in time worth remembering.

Art should have some meaning even to strangers I think. Anyway just my opinion most of them are worthless it's why i give them away.
personally i love it, i would love to have something like that on my wall. to me it shows that the world is always moving and people are never staying still. and i like how the one foot is perfectly in focus
It's a nice study in movement.

You know I love you, but this is silly. It's not a study. It's an accident.

It's not rubbish, but it's been done a million times before.
I personally like it, but would crop a tiny bit from the bottom, and a bit more from the top...and maybe straighten. Then it would be really worth something.(as art...probably not money)
love it, lucky shot though
Oh man, you know what would be super cool with this shot, if the guy in the middle was standing still and in a sharp focus, whlst everyone else rushing by.

But that's just me. :mrgreen:
I'm not sure what you mean by "continue". PP? Further thematic or stylistic exploration?

Regardless, you should only keep the photo if you see value of it. It's an interesting shot but I agree with Max, it doesn't show anything particularly original, provoking, or insightful. To be honest this whole post seems a bit ridiculous.
Personally I like it. Some of my favorite photos I take are "accidental".

Here's one of my faves... totally accidental in the subway my last trip to NYC. The shot is actually a crap image, but it talks to me. I guess because of the hurried rush everyone seems to be in.

$NYC - 2007-04-21_0111 460x310.jpg
The women on the far right, It looks like her foot is PS in. Kinda creeps me out. But honestly, I love it. Id hang it up. So mess with it and see what you can get out of it
This accident is at least one of the more interesting ones!
If something like this just "happened" to you, I would not say it is art, since you did not spend any thought on its creation, it just somehow created itself, and you begin to like it (or not, depending) as an AFTERthought. Not sure if an accidental production of something transforms itself into art by afterthoughts? :scratch:

Anyhow, it is one of the more successful accidents, I should say, even though I would not consider this frame as the finished one as yet, people being decapacitated as they are ... I would crop it to give more emphasis to the legs and their motion as opposed to the few that stand still (for that fraction of a second it took this photo to create itself).

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