Asahi Super-Takumar 1.4/50mm


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Dec 25, 2007
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I have a pentax k100d and Im buying some old lense with m42 mount. The question is; are these two lenses really worth the money.

Asahi Super-Takumar 1.4/50mm 180 euro

Mamiya Sekor Auto 1.4/55mm 190 euro

compared to

CARL ZEISS JENA PANCOLAR 1.8/50mm which is 100 euro.
Why are you buying screw-mount when there are "old" (and arguably better) manual focus lenses in the k-mount?

And no, those lenses are not work the money. Whoever is selling them at that price is overcharging by an absurd amount. I regularly see excellent quality older manual k-mount lenses in camera stores and on ebay for prices that would translate to about 40-100 euros.
Im buying old lenses, becouse they should be the same quality (if not better), at lower price. And that's what is bugging me, why does this two lenses cost almost 200 euro. And in store i can buy new lense with f/1.4 for 274 euros.

Edit: I read too fast, I didn't see you were asking me why I am buying screw mount instead of k-mount. Becouse k-mount is harder to found here.
Where are you located? Is eBay not an option?

M42 lenses on k-mount bodies are an absolute pain in the ass. You have to shoot in stop-down mode and the m42-to-k mount adapter is always getting stuck in the camera body.
Im from Slovenia, and Ebay is not an option.

So you are saying that isnt worth to invest few euros into m42 adapter? And what is a stop-down mode?

What about this lens, pentacon auto 1.8/50mm Multi Coating 40 euro. If we assume that it is in mint condition, is it worth it?
As I said, the adapter constantly gets stuck in the body. It's very annoying.

As for stop-down mode, when you use a screw-mount lens on a bayonet-mount body with an adapter, the lens is unable to communicate with the camera. Therefore, you have to meter with the lens wide open (largest aperture), then stop-down (move to a smaller aperture, larger f.stop number) and calculate the exposure difference, then manually adjust on your camera body.

The pentacon isn't a great lens. Of the ones you listed above, the Super Takumar is the best in my opinion, but definitely not worth that much money.
Takumar 50 f1.4 screw mounts were made with coatings that were somewhat unstable. They have a tendency to turn yellow over time. Be sure you examine the lens in person prior to purchase.

If you are planning to shoot B&W, the yellowing glass is still fine. These old Takumar lenses are some of the sharpest ever BUT you will probably be better off using a later K-mount Takumar/pentax as Max suggested.
You're correct with regard to the early coated Takumars, but the Super Takumars were multi-coated...not much differently than what gave/gives k-mount glass the "SMC" designation.
I don't agree...

I have a super takumar that has yellowed. If you google, you'll see others reporting super takumars also yellowing. It seems inconsistent but I can say for sure that I have never seen a yellowing K-mount takumar.

here's a quick discussion on another site that specifically mentions a super takumar:

I have to say that mine is still tack sharp despite the yellow tint.

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