Aspects of Augsburg

Fred Berg

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May 17, 2011
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I wanted to try out some new film, for me anyway, (Fujifilm iso 200) and shot a roll of 24 in Augsburg and Friedberg on Monday. One or two I've already posted elsewhere and here are some others I'm reasonably happy with. I tried to include people in the scenes hoping it would add extra interest. I chose my position, composed the shot and waited for the people to come along. The first was a bit rushed but for the other two I had more time and attempted to take the photo at a moment when the people were in a fairly good position.

C&C welcome.

1. at the side of St. Afra church

2. A wing of the Swabian Government buildings

3. A street near the cathedral
Thanks a lot Frequency. You know, it was your comment on my B&W Wall and Houses that made me think about getting some people into this type of photo. Good advice.
Here's another from the same roll, taken near the Swabian Government buildings. A little more pp (PSE 8) was necessary because of the high level of contrast in the scene. This has resulted in a certain amount of grain, but my feeling is that it's not too much of a problem. Again, C&C welcome.


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