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Discussion in 'Photographic Discussions' started by Ssuperdreww, May 13, 2007.

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    This is similar to the "Photojournalism" post below, but I was wondering if anyone had some general input on the career paths one could follow in the world of Photography. I'll be graduating in about two weeks and I plan on attending Texas A&M Commerce. I've talked with many people who have graduated from there and it comes highly recommended. I realize any career aspirations involving artistic persuit often worries parents, but I KNOW I can make it as far as my persistence will take me. It's just a matter of doing whatever it may take to be smart and make the right dicisions in the present. Sounds cliche? Yeah I know :wink: But I've decided this type of a decision now is what it's gonna take to get through the days I don't even want to pick up a camera...

    So, to get back to the point, I'm open to any and all thoughts, concerns, and ideas you have regarding the above scenario. I want to hear from those who made it all the way, those who attempted it, and those who thought about it and chose to go with their backup plan.

    My website is below, just to give you an idea of what my portfolio consists of and what my general photographic interests are...

    Your input is HIGHLY apreciated,

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    Find some photographers who's work you like and try and get an assistants's job with one of them.
    99% of becoming a working photographer is having the contacts and knowing the ropes.
    Going to College may teach you how to take pictures.
    Going to a good College should teach you how to take your own pictures and survive.
    Working as an assistant will teach you how to become a pro and make a living at it.

    This is tried and tested advice and it works.
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    It has always been a personal opinion of mine that going to college to study photography is like reading the camera's manual, just a bit more detailed. You get the technical knowledge at the expense of figuring out for yourself and in the process generating your own unique style.

    Apprenticing with a photographer who's photos you really like in my opinion gives you far more (not just experience) than any course can offer.
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    Problem with this and so many other questions is that you can listen to no one other then yourself. Yes photography is a slightly sketchy field. And no your thoughts are not cliche. Say a prayer and work hard. You are a smart person. Not like you are all of a sudden going to be homeless. Understand the market and your position in it. For me it has been a long road, but deep down inside I love it.

    Love & Bass

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