Assign. #41: Tools


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Feb 5, 2004
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Oook! We're back in action now, but I'm making a change...from now on, the Weekly assignment will be Bi-weekly. Other than that, rules are the same.

Remember to read the RULES before you post!!! Photos posted in the assignments threads are to be NEW PHOTOS taken for the assignment ONLY!

If you have a photo that you would like to submit, but it was taken before this assignment was posted, PLEASE DO NOT POST IT HERE! If you have taken photos before this date that fit the theme and you'd like to share, please post it in the Tools and Hardware Themes Thread.

Have fun! :)

I have about 15 Metres of PAN100S left in my loader and yesterday I bought a new 30Metre roll and I already have 4 cassettes loaded up!

Bi-weekly makes things a lot easier! I'll get some shots this week & process them at the weekend! :biggrin: :thumbup:
I am also very happy, even though i have not actually posted anything as far as weekly assignment goes, i have raelly enjoyed doing them. It is a great oportunity to shoot what you may not have other wise.
wood laminating press in our model shop.

Late week at the Miami-Michigan State baseball game, in the bottom of the eighth I slipped down to the front row of the box sets to get a few shots of the pitchers. After the last out the batter throw his helmet back at the screen. It landed right in front of me. I remembered a post from last year called “Tools of the Games” and this assignment, the second was taken before the start of the game Fordham




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