Attempt at air show. Please C&C


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Aug 31, 2009
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I just got back from the oregon air show. Here are some shots i was able to take. Please C&C.

All shots taken with olympus e520 with 70-150mm zuiko lens. All shots also at f8.

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Only 3 shots are working. The others just have a blue box and question mark.

That F18 shot is pretty bad ass though!

Sorry about the boxes. I havnt posted on here in a long time and trying to figure out how again. i only meant to post the 3 for now. Thanks!
Wow fantastic pictures! My first airshow shots look horrible lol not enough contrast, not enough saturation, and bad panning. Some of which couldn't be helped too because of the day and location
Great shots! Good clarity and contrast - I am a total sucker for anything military...
Thank you all for the comments. I had a very fun time taking these. Only had a 150 zoom so was struggling to get good close ups. Most of the pictures turned out soft but there were still a few handful like these that turned up nice and sharp.
Nice photos! I love how close up they are that you can actually see the pilots.

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