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Nov 14, 2008
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miami fl
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I’ we been in photography for a while purely as a hobby. Due to cash shortage I need to come up with some solutions to improve my situation. To make long story short I decided to try to monetize my hobby. I did lots of pet photos for my friends and family ,and got good reviews (including too :thumbup:).
I am wondering if anyone tried something similar? just in my neighborhood I have tons of people with dogs, I was thinking to make portfolio of existing work and start marketing my services staring from our clubhouse info board, mouth to mouth and so…
I have no idea how much I would charge someone for let’s say dog photo shoot . I have very good experience with post processing in Photoshop (graphic design degree) , printing and I can do framing too. Only problem is my equipment . My camera is shy Nikon d40 and beside laptop I don’t have anything else ,despite that I still manage to get decent shoots and after PP in Photoshop I believe that they look sellable. Unfortunately ,due to lack or money I won’t be able to afford anything else. What you guys think is this waste of time or there is potential for some extra cash? Will be great if I can hear your opinion or advice.


my goodness.
No doubt, there is potential for some extra cash. You will need to do some marketing and self-promotion.

Visit and for free and/or low cost business assistance.

You could also join a professional photographers association like: or

Just do it, but you need to know it takes a lot of work and requires you be a self-starter.

from the Florida Depatement of Revenue:
If your business will have taxable transactions, you must register with the Department of Revenue before you begin conducting business in Florida.
FL Dept Rev - Businesses

Miami-Dade County - Consumer Services - Consumer Services

The Internet is a wonderful resource, if it is used.

After all, you're going to need to do all the work. If you think can just wait around for someone else to do it for you, you're just kidding yourself.

Making more than just pocket change is going to take work, and lots of it.

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Anything worth doing will take a lot of work. I do think you have a great idea and background. Come up with a good business model and plan your days and weeks in advance. I'll bet you can afford better and necessay equipment in no time. Good Luck!

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