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Aug 17, 2007
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Funny and almost there IMO. There's something going on with the right side of the (??) that's throwing it off balance.

The B&W works well with this.
I like this photo. Love the title also. But the mannequin in the armpit of the mannequin thats in focus distracts me...Blends in way to much i think. But i still love it
My immediate impression is that this would want to be cropped closer, at least on the left (to eliminate the bright spots to the left of the mannequin). Maybe a crop from below that would no longer show that the mannequin has no legs would make this otherwise clever composition even "tighter" and more compelling?
folks, i appreciate you taking the time to
share your thoughts and observations.

@LaFoto: a tighter crop would suffocate
the intended image.

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