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Jan 22, 2012
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South Australia
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Here are three photos I liked from 2010 season - so old. I just happened to have these selected so I thought I would start my action photos with these ... just to get moving as a new member. This season doesn't start until April. These three are from our town's "B-Grade" players. We have five team levels. A grade / B grade for the adults. Senior Colts for 15-17yr old boys. Junior Colts for 11-14yr olds. Auskick for 9-11yr olds and then "Minis" for the little tackers!
The player with the soft helmet is a rarity in our game - I think there would be only one other player that wears a helmet - it certainly is out of the ordanary.
Our closest "away" match is 50km (30miles) but most of our games are 100-150km (60-90miles)

Even if my footy photos are lousy at least they will different!!!:lol: (and I enjoy it but always looking to improve)
#1 (the ball has been kicked downfield. This guy marks the ball (catches it) so he gets to go back and have a free kick without anyone allowed to tackle him) Would have loved to have been able to pull back a bit more so there was more at top and bottom.

#2 (yeah ... cropped too close on left, would have liked more blurred background without the umpire ... but check out the left ankle!)

#3 (the guy in the red/black/white jumper is a bit of a legend in the club. Played over 300 games. Mostly in A Grade. In his last year of footy, he dropped back to the B - Grade to help the younger players. Here he has just kicked the ball as the opposing player has come in to try and block the ball/push him off balance. So he is still in the air completing his kick)
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