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Jan 12, 2008
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Hey, I'm looking for new ways to photograph cars other than just "inventorying" them (i.e. front, side, 3/4 front and rear, rear, interior) at car shows (mostly outdoors). Thanks for the suggestions!
so...what exactly is your question, and what were you doing wrong before?
Show us what you did, and what you mean to do?

Please just give us a general direction to help us help you...
Well basically I took very general photos, I'll post some a little later becaue I have to go now but I am just looking for new angles to shoot cars at.
I shoot motorcycles pretty regularly and I try to find something about the bike that makes it stand out for me and emphasize that as much as possible.

If I like the shape of the tank I'll make it the main focal point using framing or depth of field. There are lots of opportunities for interesting reflections in chrome, or good paint. Getting low can emphasize power or aggressive looks. Getting up above can result in interesting angles on the overall "sculpture" of the vehicle that folks don't normally see just walking around the vehicle.

Hope this helps.
yea, helps a lot. i have done the low shooting before. how do you suggest shooting above if im at a car show rather than a photo shoot. also, what is the best thing to use if i want to shoot a car that is in partial shade (as in how can i make that part of the car in the shade not black or the part that isnt in the shade not white? hope that makes sense...) will flash work or is there some type of mirror to use? thanks.
still looking for more techniques and answers to my other questions...
You could prolly take along a little step ladder for the shows. Dunno about working with the partial shade and such. The stuff I've done I've been able to move the bikes around to get the light I wanted. You could use a collapsible reflector I suppose, but I'm not sure if it would provide enough light for what you're doing.

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