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Oct 30, 2007
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Wellington, New Zealand
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So, I have just bought myself a Nikon F55 - yep another film camera. It came with 2 lenses, and I have never used autofocus before. I have been trying it out, in various different situations - but it always comes up saying that I can't autofocus, and I end up having to manually focus the shot.

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong, or what I could do to make sure that U cab get the camera to auto focus correctly?
Well it can vary alot to do with the lens for a start.. for example. Nikons SWM (silent wave motor) autofocus system is very quick and quiet... where as older ones tend to have a slower motor. Also, autofocus can tend to "hunt" in poor light conditions... thats what the light on the front of the camera is for (AF assist). But if its like that in all situations then im not too sure... all i can say is that my F55 was ok with focusing... even though the lens made one hell of a noise.

GO SWM lens's and you'll never look back :D
Thanks for the reply Fate. Yep, the lens does make a hell of a lot of noise! It's fun having a new toy to play with however. I guess I will just keep trying until it works.

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