Autographed 70-200L Lens, How to Protect it?


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Aug 13, 2009
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Last weekend I took the kids to Clash at Clairemont, a "grind for the cause" event where skateboarders and bmx pros gather for charity. Guys like Tony Hawk were there, POD played, a good time was had by all.

We were getting autographs for the kids when I saw Andy Macdonald was there, big as life. Only I didn't have anything to get signed so in a flash of brilliance I asked him to sign my lens. And by flash of brilliance I mean episode of stupidity. He signed it all right... Looked real good, too.


POD hadn't played yet and I had to use the lens from fairly far away and even though I was being careful not to rub the autograph it still started smearing after an hour of heavy shooting.

So my question is, how can I protect the autograph on the lens but still be able to use it? I thought about a clear coat of laquer or something but not sure what it will do to the white paint or the sharpie ink.

Anyone got any experience with this? Wife already said I'm not getting another one. :lol:

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Krylon makes a clear spray paint that would probably work for this.
Krylon makes a clear spray paint that would probably work for this.

Thanks. I'll test it with some sharpie ink on glass and if it doesn't smear it I'll make a little cardboard mask to protect the rest of the lens from overspray.
If you can't find that - go to a hobby store. Testor's (and others, I'm sure) have a similar product, but it is much more expensive for the quantity you get... (Testors is without a doubt, the most expensive paint in the world...)
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We've got a Michael's right by my work, I'll drop by tomorrow and talk to them. Prolly won't buy it there as there's an Ace by my house and a Walmart close to work, both are listed as distributors for Krylon, but I trust their (Michael's) advice on things like this.

LoL @ Tyler. :lol:

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