Autumn Path


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Dec 19, 2007
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New Hampshire
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C&C always appreciated. Thanks for looking.

I really like the interaction between the blue sky and the leaves in the top portion of the frame. Personally, I'd try to capture more of the blue as it is an awesome combination but it might not have been possible to do. The subtle lighting is also a bonus in this picture. Looks good to me :thumbup:
The photo makes me wish instantly that I'd get the chance to walk that particular path myself one day! Lovely swamp (is it a swamp? If so, cool. I love swamps).

Did you do something to add a sort of dreamy feel to the photo?

All in all I feel that autumn photos may well be even more colourful than this one is, but you have have DECIDED to go with soft, muted colours?
Thanks for the comments! Dynamic, yea, it would have been difficult, if not impossible, to add more sky.
Lafoto, Yes it is a swamp or marsh type area. I did a little work in photoshop to get the look. It was late in the year and I did the best with the colors that I could.
Lovely photo, but I wonder if you like it all dreamy?

If you do I've put the photoshop action on my web site (called it Mist Blur) so you could play with the effect.

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