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B&W pups


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Mar 20, 2009
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Kelowna, B.C.
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the pic's a touch small on my screen so i can't be sure, but his face looks out of focus but his ears are sharp. im torn cause i kindof like the effect but would like his eyes sharp. since the shot is small i can't tell if they are so they blend into the face a bit. the lighting is very nice though, i don't usually like dog pictures but i like this one.
heh thanks :)
ya i agree with the cropping and yes, the eyes are blurry
so sad because i loved the position she was in, like i could ever get her to do it again :S
i was just learning about aperture and what to use..so this is an experimental shot
thanks :)
you could get the eyes sharp with some processing, not just sharpen tool but some painting and dodging and burning and stuff, i'd love to try if you could give me a full resolution version.
o really? :)
wicked I'd love for you to try
I'm just learning the basics of photoshop cs3, I haven't really explored much with the burning or dodging tools. do i just pm you the full res version?
Very nice contrasts for black and white. though yes the focus seems to be on the ear.
This picture is very nice.
Someone says that the human eye stops on the right lower corner, so this corner should be the one with the maximum content of information in a cpicture (obviously when applicable. In a landscape this is not suitable). This seems to be the case to reflect the picture, to have the dog on the right.
About the nose: well, it's out of focus and maybe it was better on focus...

The B/W conversion is very nicely done!! I like this picture!
thanks 16ale16, i've never heard about the eye falling to the right corner
that's interesting! so
aside from the unfocused eyes (gr!), the shot would look better if it was sayyyy like...



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