bace - Drums & Heartbreaks (we'll always have paris)

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    1.Intro - We’ll Always Have Paris
    2.By The Way - Apex
    3.Love Hurts - Ultima C
    4.Missing Soul - Skynet
    5.New Day Come - Shapeshifter
    6.Rain Down Love - Social Victim
    7.Soul Heaven - Sardi
    8.Blue Magic (DJ SS Remix) - Mutated Forms Feat. Tali
    9.Cover Story - Cyantific Feat. Matrix
    10.Fast Lane (ShockOne Remix) - D-Fiance
    11.Hurt You - Chase & Status
    12.Most Precious Love - High Contrast Feat. Barbara Tucker
    13.Love, **** (Locuss Remix) - Awaking State
    14.Frozen Liquid - Bionic1
    15.All About You Vip - Ben Sage
    16.The Source - Bungle


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